Jasa Pemacakan Anjing Dachshund - Ciledug Tangerang

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Jasa pemacakan Rp 500.000
Harga Khusus Member Diamond Rp 350.000
Nama : Ina. Ch. Dachindo Thrill Of Victory
Warna : Blacktan
Tanggal Lahir : 26 Maret 2007
keterangan : Lokal Indonesian Champion
Bapak : Am. Can. Ina. Thai. Ch. Coamex Sunrise Dragon
Induk : Can. Ina. Ch. Grandgable Moulin Rouge

Alamat Kami :
Jl. Kh. Hasyim Ashari No. 43 D Pedurenan - Ciledug Tangerang Indonesia
Hp. 0815 880 9009 / 0857 19 0000 19 (Rudy / Chella)
PIB BB : 2947C63E
Email : Petshop@rayrainbow.com
Fb : Facebook2@rayrainbow.com

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Comment by GUEST on 2012-07-06 21:36:34
We love our English Springer Spaniels! They are Field Spaniels and are lovely goofs. They have ednelss energy outside, but are content to lie around inside. Friendly, friendly to everyone with a constantly wagging tail. The only thing I've been unhappy about is that they bark when they think there is something to bark at, and they bark when they're not sure if there is something to bark at. Or they bark if there is nothing to bark at. And I think it has to do with having 3 of them, not their breed. The young one is the one we like to call The Activator! Used to have labs and beagles, too, and a golden. How can you say no to any dog? I really think it's nearly impossible to choose.
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