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News: Selamat datang di Forum Diskusi Anjing Ras !!!
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1  General Category / Makanan Anjing / Great Price for Dog Food & Supplies on: June 18, 2012, 09:32:25 AM
Hello canine lovers, good news for us all!!
Get all your puppies and dogies needs at the lowest price  Wink

SDiet Small Bite Puppy          1kg   63.000
SDiet Small Bite Puppy          3kg   165.000
SDiet Small Bite Puppy         7,5kg   310.000
SDiet Large Breed Puppy     7,5kg   310.000
SDiet Lamb & Rice Puppy     7,5kg   340.000
SDiet Small Bite Puppy         15kg   550.000
SDiet Lamb & Rice Puppy     15kg   650.000

SDiet Small Bite Adult          1kg   54.000
SDiet Small Bite Adult        7,5kg   270.000
SDiet Large Breed Adult        7,5kg   270.000
SDiet Lamb& Rice Adult        7,5kg   310.000
SDiet Small Bite Adult         15kg   525.000
ProPlan Small Breed Puppy       2,72kg   125.000
ProPlan Lamb&Rice Puppy     2,72kg   125.000
ProPlan Chicken&Rice Puppy     2,72kg   125.000
ProPlan Small Breed Puppy     8,16kg   320.000
ProPlan Lamb&Rice Puppy     8,16kg   320.000
ProPlan Chicken&Rice Puppy     8,16kg   320.000
ProPlan Chicken&Rice Puppy     15,40kg   580.000
ProPlan Lamb&Rice Puppy     15,40kg   580.000

ProPlan Small Breed Adult      2,72kg   115.000
ProPlan Lamb&Rice Adult     2,72kg   115.000
ProPlan Chicken&Rice Adult     2,72kg   115.000
ProPlan Small Breed Adult      8,16kg   285.000
ProPlan Lamb&Rice Adult     8,16kg   285.000
ProPlan Chicken&Rice Adult     15,89kg   520.000
ProPlan Lamb&Rice Adult     15,89kg   520.000

RC Shih Tzu 24   1,5kg     160.000
RC Mini Junior   2kg     175.000
RC Puppy   20kg    735.000   
RC Adult    20kg     655.000
Eukanuba Small Bite Puppy   3kg   165.000
Eukanuba Small Bite Adult   1kg   52.500
Eukanuba Small Bite Adult   3kg   150.000
Avoderm Small Bite Adult   1,5kg    96.000
Avoderm Chicken Meal Adult    2kg   105.000
Equilibrio Puppy   2kg   62.000
Equilibrio Small Breed Puppy   2kg   69.000
Equilibrio Puppy   15kg   410.000
Equilibrio Adult   2kg   60.000
Equilibrio Adult   15kg   385.000
Naturalis Puppy   2kg   55.000
Naturalis Adult    2kg   52.000
Alpo Puppy Beef+Milk+Veg     1,3kg     43.000
Alpo Chiken+Liver+Veg Adult   1,5kg     40.000
Alpo Beef+Liver+Veg Adult   1,5kg     40.000
Alpo 2 in 1 Adult                   2,6kg     75.000
Alpo Chiken+Liver+Veg Adult    3kg     80.000
Alpo Beef+Liver+Veg Adult       3kg     80.000
Alpo Chiken+Liver+Veg Adult   10kg   225.000
Alpo Beef+Liver+Veg Adult    10kg   225.000

and many more...
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