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Anjing American Eskimo
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Anjing American EskimoCountry of Origin: United States.

Size: Shoulder height: Toy : 9 - 12 inches. Miniature: 12 - 15 inches. Standard: 15 - 19 inches.

Coat: Has two layers. The undercoat is short and dense, and the outer coat consists of long straight hair. It is thicker and longer around the chest and neck. Any color other than white or biscuit cream is unacceptable.

Character: The American Eskimo Dog is intelligent, inquisitive, and playful. It is fun-loving and generally outgoing to everyone.

Temperament: This breed is is very sociable with its family and good with children, other dogs, and household pets.

Care: Regular brushing is recommended to prevent matting. More attention will need to be paid during shedding, which occurs twice a year.

Training: Harsh training techniques are inappropriate for American Eskimo Dogs. It is eager to please and learns quickly.

Activity: This dog needs a good workout every day. Depending on its size, you may need to take it for a good jog or a long walk.

User Comments

Comment by dewiastrid on 2008-10-25 20:58:30
dimana saya bisa beli american eskimo di Jakarta or bandung ? please help

Comment by GUEST on 2008-10-28 19:56:54

Comment by GUEST on 2008-10-29 23:14:03
keren nih,infonya lebih lengkap dong

Comment by GUEST on 2008-11-11 23:35:51
klu d Jkt i bisa beli dmn ya yg babby-nya n kisaran harganya berapa? tlng info ke, Thq.

Comment by GUEST on 2008-12-12 13:28:39

Comment by GUEST on 2009-01-10 20:15:27
coat-nya bikin terlihat elegant banget...

Comment by GUEST on 2009-02-19 11:42:07
emank tuh anjing dtgnya dari eskimo ya ?

Comment by GUEST on 2009-03-18 21:33:04

Comment by GUEST on 2009-04-18 21:55:42
bisa dibeli dimana ya,,,,

Comment by GUEST on 2009-05-03 09:31:52
anjing ini bs beli dmn dan harganya brp kira2??

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