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Anjing Samoyed
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Anjing Samoyed

Samoyed Description

The compact muscular body of this hard-working breed indicates its strength. The thick, silver-tipped coat comes in white, biscuit, yellow and cream, but pure white is preferred. The Samoyed is a strong, dynamic, active dog. It has a powerful wedge-shaped head with a black or brown nose and strong jaws. Its eyes are dark, oblique and deep. The ears are medium-sized, slightly rounded at the point, and carried erect. The tail is long, full-haired and carried rolled on the back. Its legs are solid and muscular and its feet are flat and covered with hair. Its coat is thick and harsh, not wavy, with a thick, soft undercoat, which protects it against the arctic cold.

Jenis Anjing Samoyed

Samoyed Temperament

Samoyeds are gentle dogs. Peaceable and dignified. Very devoted, they tend to favor one person, but love everyone. They are easy-going, friendly and quite playful. It will gladly be friendly to all, including intruders. They are too friendly to be of much use as a watchdog, although its bark will alert you to the presence of strangers. It willingly adapts to family life and gets along well with children. They are highly intelligent, but often willfully resistant to formal obedience training. It eventually responds to firm, patient training, which should be started at an early age. Since it is accustomed to working in teams, its outstanding qualities often do not have the opportunity to be expressed. However when it becomes attached to a single master, it proves itself an outstanding, good-natured, lively, and sociable dog. It never seeks trouble but can handle an adversary if necessary. They have a reputation of being chewers and may become very destructive if left alone for many hours at a stretch. Samoyeds should not be trusted with small non-canine pets, however there are plenty of them that live and get along with family cats. This breed tends to bark a lot.

Foto Anjing Samoyed

Samoyed Height, Weight

Height: Dogs 21-23½ inches (53-60 cm.) Bitches 19-21 inches (48-53 cm.)
Weight: Dogs 45-65 pounds (20½-30 kg.) Bitches 35-50 pounds (16-20½ kg.)

Samoyed Health Problems

Samoyed are particularly prone to hip dysplasia and some suffer from diabetes. Also prone to skin allergies. They are prone to PRA (eyes) primarily in male dogs.

Gambar Anjing Samoyed

Samoyed Living Conditions

The Samoyed will do okay in an apartment if it is sufficiently exercised. It is very active indoors and a small yard is sufficient. Their heavy coat makes these dogs unsuited to life in very hot climates.

Samoyed Exercise

Needs a reasonable amount of exercise, including a daily walk or jog. Take it easy during warm weather because the woolly undercoat inhibits loss of the heat built up during exercise.

Samoyed Life Expectancy

About 12-15 years.

Anak Anjing Samoyed

Samoyed Grooming

Extensive grooming is needed. They are seasonally heavy shedders. The fluffy double coat needs frequent brushing, but tends to stay white without bathing.

Samoyed Origin

Since ancient times there has lived in Siberia a population of hunters and fishermen known as Samoyeds. For centuries, they have used a beautiful, robust white dog to pull their sleds. This dog has become known by their name. In 1889, the explorer Robert Scott brought several of these dogs to England, where the breed was developed and spread throughout the world. Elegant and agile, it is now one of the most fashionable show and companion breeds, yet has a history of hard work in severe conditions.

Samoyed Group

Northern, AKC Working

Trah Anjing Samoyed

User Comments

Comment by GUEST on 2008-09-26 21:38:01
Duh lucuna....Boleh bwat aq gak ? Hehehehe.....So sweet...

Comment by GUEST on 2008-10-03 16:44:16
berapa seh harganya? 

Comment by GUEST on 2008-10-10 22:19:08
beli di mana tuc kasih tau dong

Comment by GUEST on 2008-10-18 17:49:05
Imut!!!! I Love It... ^^ beautiful~ kesannya royale bngt!! hehe..

Comment by GUEST on 2008-10-28 22:27:15
beli dimana yaaaa ? So cuteeee

Comment by GUEST on 2008-10-30 23:56:02
ih...lucu kayak telegu..

Comment by GUEST on 2008-11-01 11:31:31
so cute......... 

Comment by GUEST on 2008-11-06 16:11:32
is sooo cute............. 
im so like it..... 
but i dont have money.....

Comment by GUEST on 2008-11-14 13:09:38
Pasaran harga anakannya berapa yah...?

Comment by GUEST on 2008-11-22 11:13:40
huaaaaaaaa...lucu banget .. 
kaya beruang... 
pasti harga-na mahal dech.. 

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